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Increasing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere will bring immense benefits to plants and trees as well as mankind.


It is a sour irony that the political movement which has stuck a 'Green' label on itself has campaigned vigorously against a human activity, the burning of fossil fuels, that is doing more than anything else to 'Green' our earth on a global scale.


Carbon dioxide is a potent fertiliser and up until 1st July 2012 it was a free fertiliser in Australia.


From a plant's perspective we live in a carbon dioxide starved world.
Horticulturalists pay for and pump carbon dioxide into their greenhouses.  Typically they pump in sufficient carbon dioxide to double the concentration of carbon dioxide.  Horticulturalists do this because pumping in carbon dioxide shortens the time to harvest and increases the quantity and quality of the produce they grow.


Plant scientists have carried out real experiments in the real world using real carbon dioxide and real plants to show that a doubling of atmospheric carbon dioxide would lead to a 20% to 50% increase in crop yields, depending on the type of crop and local conditions.


In contrast, climate modelers have carried out virtual experiments on virtual worlds using virtual carbon dioxide to support spurious claims that a mooted doubling of atmospheric carbon dioxide in the real world might cause potentially dangerous global warming.  Unfortunately for all of us, these virtual worlds have severe structural flaws, which the government has now explicitly confirmed (see second dot point).  However, the government still refuses (see rest of letter) to require the CSIRO to fix these flaws and provide correct predictions of global warming to the people of Australia.


Trees and forests in particular have and will grow more vigorously in an environment where the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has been and is getting higher.


Carbon dioxide, or CO2, forms the backbone of biology for life on earth.  All scientists agree that it occurs naturally.  It is invisible, odourless and non-toxic and is emitted by all animal life.  It is also necessary for all plant life for photosynthesis.


It is madness and morally reprehensible for the Australian government and indeed for other well fed Western democracies, to take actions that intend to limit, capture and bury a free fertiliser like carbon dioxide and thus deny the billions of undernourished people in the developing world a free 20% to 50% increase in food production, as well as increased rainfall in a world that is experiencing water shortages as populations increase.


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