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Harry Hunt – President, Liverpool Chamber of Commerce

I have known Danna Vale since 1998 when I would see her at various meetings in the Liverpool area. Danna was always there supporting her constituents and their families at school, sporting events and functions. Since the electorate of Hughes has now grown and includes Liverpool CBD, Danna is even more involved in Liverpool and its community. Business people and residents alike in Liverpool are thrilled to now have a hard-working representative


John Dunphy – Chairman, Dunphy Sports/Fishing Imports Pty Ltd (Shimano)

Danna was elected against all odds to represent Hughes because she is so transparently honest; she genuinely cares about people and understands the Australian psyche of doing the right thing by all. She was re-elected because her constituents recognised that it was impossible to get a member who would be more attuned to the needs, concerns and desires of people in the Shire. I have no doubt that Danna is the best person to represent us into the future.


Senia Gaunson – Life Member, Moorebank Cricket Club

Danna Vale is the most community-minded political representative we have had the good fortune to interact with.  Her enthusiasm and persistence have made first class sporting facilities a real possibility at Moorebank. She has so far secured $750,000 for the new sporting fields at Harris Creek for cricket and AFL and these are due for completion this year.  These ventures would not have been possible without Danna.


Shellie McEvoy – Owner, Gloria Jean’s Coffees, Engadine

After opening a business in Danna’s electorate, I’ve been honoured that any politician would care and take the time out of their busy schedule, to support me and take an interest in my business, like Danna has. I am encouraged by Danna and what her government has done for small business, including keeping the economy strong and unemployment low.